Gallery of Custom Stained Glass Windows 
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Beautiful clear beveled bath window, 19" x 54".  Click here to see the custom design and construction process.  (January, 2018)

Commemorative anniversary gift, 13" square.  Click here to see the design and construction.  (November, 2017)

This heart pattern was modified from a book and includes the addition of two rows of clear bevels and the colors of my customer's choice.  It is a gift from mother to daughter, for her wedding anniversary. 23" square.  Click here to see the progression of the design to the finished window.  (May, 2017)

This beautiful pair of dining room windows are now the focal point of the room.  (October, 2017) Click here to see the process.

Stained glass window made from a photograph .. to computer rendition .. to finished custom window.
This was a special wedding gift for my customer's sister.  Click here to see the process.  (April, 2017)

This is a lovely transom above a homeowner's front door.  It complements the colors of the home.  Click here to review the process.  (September, 2015)
stained glass transom, stained glass house number

stained glass koi fish windowHere is a Koi Fish and Cherry Blossom window which I designed based on my customer's fabric wall hanging.  Click here to see the design, building and installation.  (July, 2015)

Triumph TR6 in stained glass, vintage car in stained glass

On the right is my husband's 1974 Triumph TR6.  This stained glass panel was a big hit at the "Touch of England" Classic British Car show sponsored by the NJ Triumph Owners Association.  (June, 2015) To see the process, and to request your car to be made in stained glass, please click here to visit the project on my blog. 

stained glass gift, rainbow stained glass, stained glass bergen county, rainbowThis 10" x 13" panel was custom made as a gift for a retiring church organist.  I designed it based on the glorious stained glass windows in the church.  (January, 2015)  Click here to read all about the design and construction of this special gift.

Stained Glass Cedar Waxwing birds

This pair of Cedar Waxwing birds was created to fill the space left behind by an air conditioner.  I used photographs of the birds as my models and created this original design.  (October, 2016).  Click here to see the design, creation and installation process.

Stained Glass Thunderbird, Stained Glass classic cars, Stained glass car

A beautiful 1955 Thunderbird which I designed and rendered in stained glass.  It's 23" x 10" and features SilverCoat mirrored glass for the chrome.  (July, 2014). 

This 26" x 21" Mountain Bluebird window with 260 pieces of glass was custom designed for a customer in Omaha. My computer rendition is on the left, the finished window is on the right. (June, 2014)  Click here for more on the window and our shipping.

Custom stained glass window Bergen County, Boehm Stained Glass Studio

Art Deco window, 35" x 17" with 290 pieces of glass, installed in a newly renovated bathroom.  (August 2011). Click here to view blog entries for the design, building, and installation.
Geometric stained glass window with bevels

This detailed 19" x 42" window has 470 piece of glass.  I custom-designed it after a pattern in the hand-hooked rug in the room. Click here to see the design process .. The blog entry is in 7 parts, most recent work appears first.

This 26" x 16" geometric stained glass window with three bevels was created as a Christmas gift.  My customer's husband loved it! (November 2012) Click here to view blog entries for the process.

Pair of Cardinals created here in New Jersey for a customer in Georgia, then shipped to Texas. 12" x 18"

Tuscany Villa window is built in 4 panels .. 19" x 36". Please visit blog for design and construction details (March-May 2009).

Custom Tuscany stained glass window, Boehm Stained Glass Studio

This beautiful oval window, 19" x 31", is a custom design for a newly renovated bathroom.  Note the special work on the center bevels.  To see the process from design through installation, please click here.  (July 2013).


To see the design, construction and installation of these double-hung Geometric Bath Windows, please click here for blog entry.  (August 2012)


To see the design and construction of this 28-3/4"  x 16" custom Water Lily stained glass window (March, 2011) click here.

Custom Water Lily stained glass window, Boehm Stained Glass Studio



To see the design and building of Van Gogh's 29" x 23" "Starry Night" (August-October 2009), click link.
Van Gogh Starry Night stained glass window, Boehm Stained Glass, Midland Park, NJ


Original kitchen cabinet panel is on the left. 
My custom-sized duplicate is on the right. (June, 2011). Click here.
Custom octagonal stained glass window, Bergen County. NJ
A 27" not-exactly Octagonal window, presented a special challenge as an indoor wall installation with uneven sides.  Watch the entire process, design through installation (June-July, 2011). Click to see blog.

13" wide window inset into the entryway door of a Tudor home. (December 2011). Click here to see the blog entries for the design, building and installation.


Kitchen cabinet replacement panels, a great way to update a kitchen! (July-August 2012) Click here to read blog entries for the entire process, before, during and after.
Custom dolphin stained glass window, custom manatee stained glass window
 Dolphin & Manatee 17" x 24" windows installed directly to the window frames (November-December 2010).  See blog for design, building and installation.

We do pet portraits! 
 These two Dachshunds were created as a special gift for my customer's mother.  To see their photos and the process of creating the portrait, please click here.  (August, 2016)

Stained Glass pet portraits
Stained Glass dog portraits To see the original photo and the process of creating this portrait of these three Poodles, please click here.
 (January, 2016)
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Thank you.
See my self-published 32-page book featuring 23 of my windows
Custom French chipmunk stained glass window personalized giftRead the story about the evolution of this little French chipmunk, a personalized housewarming gift .. (March 2012) Click here.
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